How to Change Your Android Version Without Any Updating [Root]

Hello friends, today I am back with a new tutorial, how to change your Android version. To use this process you must have root access in your mobile.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Easter Egg


I think you all noticed that when we tap again and again on Android version in about phone section, suddenly a animation appear showing the Android version. In this process we are going to change Android version and the animation style (from Kitkat or lollipop to Marshmallow or naugat)


1.First of all download any root file manager (e.g. FX or ES File Explorer). Give them the root privilege, I think you all know how to root your mobile if you don’t then just Google for it.  WARNING: After rooting your warranty will be void (but you can get it back by unrooting your device).

2.Now browse to system/build.prop file.

3. Mount the system to read and write. Open the build.prop file in editor and edit (x.x =5.1/6.0/7.1 put any value you like)

4. After editing save build.prop file and close the file manager.

5. Now download and install xpose installer, If you are using Android 5.1 or above you have to flash zip file through your recovery (link is given under this article).

WARNING: Always choose the right xpose version for your device, otherwise it will fail to flash.

6. Now install eggstar xpose module, activate it and reboot your phone. (Link for this module is also given under this article)

7. After rebooting you can see your Android version is changed to the version you have edited in file manager. Now open eggstar and select which animation you would like to display. And it is done.

8. Open about phone section and tap Android version again and again then you will find that it is changed to the version you choose in eggstar.

N.B – if you don’t know how to install xpose framework then Google for it, or you can simply leave that Android version animation changing part, by this way you can’t be able to change the version animation, but still you can change Android version text.

That’s all, I think this tutorial will be helpful for you. Please comment below in the comment section if you have any trouble I will try to help you.



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