Lenovo a2010 All Custom ROMs Collection (Custom Recoveries Included) 

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: For Custom Recoveries visit HERE

For Forum Links and Additional Fixes Visit HERE


Prerequisites before flashing a ROM

***SP Flash Tool 

***SuperSU (for root privilege in any rom)
***Kingroot (only if you want to root your phone after flashing stock rom) 

***MTK VCOM Driver

***MTK VCOM Driver(AUTO)
You can also download and run this driver auto installer program, which will install more drivers, not only the MTK VCOM driver

***Maui Meta 3G Tool(To Restore IMEI Permanently)

***Lenovo Smart Assistant(Can be used to update phone from PC)

+ ROMS +

***Stock ROM  (Most Important, if anything goes wrong you can revert back to Stock)

The latest Version(S264): Download from

Yandex Disk or Google drive

Android 6.0 and 7.1.1 Based :-

1.Aosp Extended 2.0 (7.1.1):

    2.Cynogen Mod 14.1 (Android 7.1.1) :

    3.XOSP ROM (7.1.1) :

    4.VIBE UI (Android 6.0):

    (this is a twrp backup file, unzip and place it to your Default twrp backup folder location) 

    5.Recsurrection Remix N (7.1.1) :

    • Rom and details (use translator to translate this page) 

    Android 5.1 Based Roms:-


    1. Shark ROM

    2.Mokee ROM 

    3.CYANOGENMOD 12.1 LATEST BUILD by Manish (Link dead I’ll try to update it ASAP)

    4.BLISSPOP Letest by Vladolz

    5.CUBOT OS V2




    9.CyanogenMOD 12.1 от 02.09.2016 by vadolaz

    10. LP-S4


    12.YUN OS Beta 8

    13.DOGEE X5 PRO

    14. UMI OS

    15.Leagoo Elite 5

    16.AOSP ROM(Oukitel K6000)

    17.IRIS 1.01(Blueboo Phone)


    19. SMART PRO V2

    20. Xenon HD

    21. TESLA OS

    22. PAC Rom

    23. Aicp

    24. Fira UI Letest by Vadolaz (originally ported by andwie)

    25. Zopo Colour C ZP 330

    Note: if you want to know more about each ROMs go to 4pda forum or XDA thread by Manish (link below)


    For Custom Recoveries visit HERE

    For Forum Links and Additional Fixes Visit HERE


    Credit: Thanks Manish Yadav, Vadolaz, darklord4822, andwie,
    xperianov,  /\\/TEYVVV,​ W60, Manuraj Gowra, scuratov for porting ROMs and making so much useful contribute for lenovo a2010.


    17 thoughts on “Lenovo a2010 All Custom ROMs Collection (Custom Recoveries Included) 

    1. Hi i want the fastest and lightest rom. i tried cubot. It works but its not enough. Help me i want maximum free space. Fast perfomance . Loop device support and option to move app to sd.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ok, if you want some extra performance then you have to do something extra…use L Speed and purify (I prefer older versions of purify, 1.2.3 will be best) they will boost your using experience. And use xtrenalSD xpose module to move apps to sd card.


    2. Hii brother, yesterday i flash stock rom of lenovo 2010… All process done verywell.
      But intial setup of checking wifi networks
      Irritating me how to Ride out form..
      Its not skip??? Why (any solution)
      I dont hv wifi…. So

      Liked by 1 person

        1. When i try to flash this zip file it shows could not find “meta-inf/com/google/android/update-binary” in the zip file……..
          What can i do…???
          How to flash this….!!!
          Please help me….

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Ok accually it’s a twrp back-up, unzip the file… Move it into your Default twrp Backup location. Then reboot to recovery and clear previous system then restore the backup from restore tab. You have to restore all selected options.


      1. Actually the devloper removed this rom. And he is not available on XDA forum or Facebook, so I am not able to contact him. I’ll ask few friends of mine if they have the ROM then I’ll reupload it.


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