How to flash new ROMs in Lenovo A2010

Hello everyone, in this post; I’m going to tell you how to install any custom Rom in Lenovo A2010. Before begin, you must have to download custom Rom, and other necessary filescustom recovery, flashify app, super su (if needed).

  1. First of all you must have to root your phone. If you don’t know how to do it read my other blog post on rooting lenovo A2010. (Read it here)
  2. After gaining root access, install Flashify app. Then download any Custom Recovery you want ( Download Link of custom recoveries and ROMs for Lenovo A2010 ) (N.B. I’ll prefer twrp 2.8 or twrp 3.0.2 material mod.) And flash it using flashify app.
  3. After flashing reboot to recovery, (move all important files from phone memory to sd card and take backup of necessary apps and data; you can take back-up on twrp by going Backup option and selecting system and data) now go to wipe > advance wipe > select dalvik caches, caches, data, system and phone memory and wipe them.
  4. After wiping, go to install, select the zip file of the specific rom you want to flash and it’s other necessary files, (if available) and flash them.
  5. After flashing new ROM reboot to system. It will take almost 10 to 20 minutes for first time; depending upon size of ROM. If the rom is not rooted, root it by flashing super su via recovery.

That’s all. Your phone is ready with a new ROM and with new feel. 

N.B. Take a backup of your nvram from TWRP, if by chance you loose IMEI number you can get that back easily by restoring nvram.


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