All Custom Recoveries for Lenovo A2010

Here is the list of all available recoveries for Lenovo A2010. My choice is TWRP 3.0 Metirial Mod and TWRP 2.8. for Android 5.1 based roms.

How to flash a Custom Recovery?

That’s easy. Just download Flashify app from Play Store. After installing open the app and Accept disclaimer and grant root permission.

In flash tab select flash Recovery Image then browse the .img file of the custom Recovery you have downloaded using Flashify’s file browser.

Now the app will popup a dialogue Flash Recovery? Tap on Yup! And wait.
That’s it, after successful flashing choose reboot option and your phone will boot into recovery. Done.

🔵 Stock Recovery :-

Download here

🔵 Custom Recoveries :-

1.TWRP 3.1.0-0 (For Android 6.0/7.1.1)

Download here

2. TWRP 3.1.1-0 (For Android 5.1)

Download here

3.TWRP 3.0.2-0 Material Mod (For Android 5.1)

Download here

4.TWRP 3.0.2 ( for Android 5.1)

Download here

5.TWRP 2.8 (For Android 5.1)

Download here

6.Carliv Touch Recovery 3.3

Download here

7.Philz Touch Recovery 6.59.0

Download here

Note: Pictures here are not all from Lenovo a2010 a few (2/3) pictures are collected from internet to give you the basic idea on that particular recovery. 


15 thoughts on “All Custom Recoveries for Lenovo A2010

  1. When i try to setup twrp 3.1.0 through flashify app……..
    Then i reboot to recovery mode but it is not going to recovery mode…
    It is again rebooting ….
    What Happened…….


  2. Bro, I have flashed lp s4 rom, I didn’t liked it much, I have already a backup of my nv ram,then I go to recovery before restoring my nvram I flashed twrp3.1.0 then rebooting in to recovery it shows micro SD card (0) then I reboot my system then I go to storage then it showing phone storage 0.00b and it doesn’t identify SD card no app installing on my device what happened to my phone……….
    Help me……


    1. Sorry, I have forgot to mention this twrp is only for Android 6.0 and 7.1 based roms. And the twrp 3.1.0 for Android 5.1 (published on 4pda forum) is corrupted somehow. use twrp 3.0.2 metirial mod or twrp 2.8.


      1. But my internal storage is showing like 0.00b so can not downloading any apps or files, it is internal storage 0.00b error………..
        What should I do now…….


  3. When I try to installing any app it shows insufficient storage it is not even downloading not only apps files also………..
    Please help me you are my only hope.


    1. Ok first of all flash Twrp 3.0.2 meterial mod or 2.8.0. Now flash any other roms, and before flashing new rom you have to wipe internal memory too with caches, data, dalvik caches and system. Your problem will be solved on the new ROM.


  4. Bro….!!!
    The SD card wasn’t ditected on my phone…
    And when I try to install any app it shows…..Insufficient storage…..So…
    Please try to give a solution with a PC….


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