My Sunset Photography

Sunset is the most beautiful thing that happened in my everyday life. Yeah, that’s how I should explain the word ‘Sunset’ in a single sentence. The rich red, yellow, orange colours and their dramatic changes in every second…. It’s the best environment for photographer to take stunning shots. 

Copyright: Puspen Rath
Stunning view sunset from my house. Copyright: P.Rath

I live in Subhasgram, it’s suburb of Kolkata, India. It’s not a beautiful extraordinary place…. Just simple and normal Gangetic Plains Area of West Bengal. 

Another beautiful sunset moment.      Copyright: P. Rath

I always love watching sunset from my house, seating alone….collection of cotton candy clouds and radiating hues represents some of the most beautiful moments and most wonderful memories in my life. These snapshots have become sacred treasures in my heart. 

Cloud Covered Sun.               Copyright: Puspen Rath

These are only 3 of my many sunset photography. I’ll post others too in my next blog. Till then good bye.


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