All Android 6.0 and 7.1 Based Custom ROMs Collection for Lenovo A2010

Carefully Read This Before flashing any rom:

  • you are responsible for the consequences of your actions! these roms  are highly experimental.
  • All these roms use kernel version 3.18.19;  to flash a 6.0 or 7.1 based rom you have to extract and flash this: LINK
  • to get back to android 5.1 you have to flash this: LINK
  • All roms have almost same bugs, The front camera and flash not working.
  • for details about these roms visit the 4pda thread. (Originally in Russian language use translator)
  • To know details how to flash the kernel 3.18.19 visit here. (Originally in Russian language use translator)
  • Twrp 3.1.0 is recommended for these roms, get that here.
  • Take a backup of your NVRAM and NVDATA from twrp, it’s really very important, if you lost your IMEI number restoring NVRAM and NVDATA will fix it.

New Update: MIUI 8 And EMUI 4.1


1.Fira OS (Android 6.0 based, Kernel 3.18.19)


Front camera, Flashes and flashlights are not working, can not see the flash drive,

Problems with the battery.


2. Freeme Lite (android 6 (x32), kernel 3.18.19) [ Currently link dead ]



3. Resurrection Remix-v5.8.3 (x32) ( kernel- 3.18.19 android 7.1.2 )


1013872910138730 1015427010154274



4. XenonHD (Kernel 3.18.19)

Does not work WiFi, Bluetooth, FrontCamera, Flash and Flashlight, No sound, Network does not catch unnecessarily forgot to replace the folder firmware, There are other unrecognized bugs!


5.YunOS 6.0 ( Kernel 3.18.19 )





6. ZTE Blade V7 Lite from K6000 (Android 6.0)


7. Lenovo a2016 (Android 6.0, Kernel 3.18.19, 32 bits.) 



8.Aosp Extended 2.0 (7.1.1):


9.Cynogen Mod 14.1 (Android 7.1.1) :


10.XOSP ROM (7.1.1) :


11.VIBE UI (Android 6.0):

(this is a twrp backup file, unzip and place it to your Default twrp backup folder location and you don’t need to flash any new kernel for it.)


13. Lineage OS 7.1


14. MIUI 8

Rom and all details in the link down below.

MIUI 8 Rom Port for Lenovo A2010



15. EMUI 4.1

Rom and all details are in the link below,

EMUI 4.1 for Lenovo a2010

Additional Fix:
Reduce Power Consumption : open the “Engineering menu” by dialing  * # * # 3646633 # * and select “BandMode” there, there will be a menu with two items “SIM1” and “SIM2”. You must enter each item , And remove the check marks from “GSM850” and “PCS1900”, then press the “SET” button.

*** Please sign this petition to get source code of lenovo a2010, and help devlopers to create a better and bug free 6.0 or 7.1 based roms.

For Android 5.1 based Custom ROMs of Lenovo a2010, visit HERE

Credit: Developers of Roms: 

  •  Artem, Belgorod (avteyvw)
  •  Nikita, Kremenchug (Ka4aem_muziku)
  • Andrey, Rivne (PasichNIK2000)
  • Nikolay, Nizhny Novgorod (nikpyr1958)
  • Sergey, Ulyanovsk (sergeyano)
  • Quy Tŕăn
  • Zhasulan, Kazakhstan (lenovo_kz)

Developers of Kernel:

• Andrey, Rivne (PasichNIK2000)
• Zhasulan, Kazakhstan (lenovo_kz)

All pictures are collected from 4pda thread.


19 thoughts on “All Android 6.0 and 7.1 Based Custom ROMs Collection for Lenovo A2010

  1. Hello puspenrath iam in aosp ROM
    And iam facing one problem that is in substratum theme engine when I try to apply the theme it is showing this theme binary doesn’t pass substratum integrity verification…….
    So please help me to fix this……


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