MIUI Mod for Lenovo a2010

Recently I got this on 4pda. Those who want a perfect Miui look on their lenovo a2010, this is for you. Most of  you don’t have an account on 4pda, so you can’t download attached files from there. I’m sharing this to help you, and for those who don’t know Russian and can’t get exact meaning from translator.

*** This mod is only for stock ROM, don’t apply it if you are on a custom ROM. And always keep in mind, System UI modification makes system unstable. If anything goes wrong flash restore_MIUI_mod.zip file provided down below.

Screenshots :

Status bar modification
Notification Bar Modification
MIUI icons


  • Go to recovery and flash miui8_for_a2010.zip file.
  • Now move systemUI.apk file to /system/priv-app/SystemUI and give read, write and execute permission. Just like the screen shot below.

  • Now install miui8.apk and apply the theme from Theme center.

Download link:

MIUI8 theme for Lenovo A2010 (3 files)



Now you don’t have to follow all those steps, thanks to vadolaz, he made easy installing and removing this mod.

  • Flash this file from Recovery to install the mod,


Then install and apply the miui 8 theme. Done.

  • Flash this file from Recovery to remove it,


Credits: Thanks Lenovo_kz of 4pda forum, for making this beautiful mod. Also thanks to vdolaz for making this mod easy to install and remove.


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