MIUI 8 ROM For Lenovo A2010

I was personally not wanted to post this rom, as this  is the most unstable port for Lenovo A2010; But many  of you requested me for posting this Rom. So, here is the MIUI 8 Rom for Lenovo A2010.

For this process we have to Flash 2 files, I have given their links below this Post.

  • Please, keep in  mind to install this rom you have to follow the heardest process. ( Much more Harder than Flashing 6.0 and 7.1 based roms)
  • I can’t garranty your 100% success.
  • You may be ended up with a Bricked phone. (Use sp flashtool in that case and Flash stock ROM.)
  • I have not tried it so I can’t help you on any problems related to This rom. But you may ask  Quy Trãn or Rama Febriansyah .


  • First use sp flashtool and Flash MIUI First File.
  • Now boot to Recovery and wipe.
  • Flash MIUI X64 file now.
  • Choose reboot to system, it will boot to Recovery again. ( That’s normal)
  • Now again go to reboot manu, and this time choose reboot to recovery. Now it will show the boot screen of MIUI.
  • Wait for atleast 5-6 min then remove the battery and insert it again.
  •  Now go to the recovery by pressing vol down + power button, then go to reboot manu and choose reboot to recovery.
  • This time it will boot into system. Done.

    For any questions related to this ROM, ask Quy Trãn or Rama Febriansyah on Facebook. They will surely help you out. And thanks to Quy Trãn for porting this Rom.


    1. MIUI x64

    2. MIUI first


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